Unlawful Deeds

Bruce Arrujo, professional art thief. Bruce Arrujo, Attorney-at-Law. Recently hired by Boston’s most prestigious law firm.

The reason for his career change? Boston’s red-hot real estate market has suddenly crashed, and Bruce figures that some of his new firm’s institutional clients won’t notice if a couple of million dollars is siphoned away during the resulting chaos.

But the police definitely notice when a local art museum is robbed of $100 million in art. And they definitely notice when a transvestite prostitute is found strangled in a Back Bay alley.

Is Bruce behind one or both of these crimes? Or has he, instead, become the unwitting puppet of an unseen adversary? And when a stunning young Harvard Law School student gets dragged into the mess, will Bruce betray his love for her in order to ensure his own fortune?

At stake? Millions of dollars. A lifetime in jail. The love of his life.

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