Treasure Templari


Historians Cameron Thorne and Amanda Spencer-Gunn uncover a stolen painting which the Nazis believed was a secret map to the Holy Grail and the lost treasure of the Knights Templar. Hitler planned to weaponize the Holy Grail and monetize the treasure as part of his campaign of world dominance. Cam and Amanda just want to find the legendary artifacts. The Nazis failed because they were unable to decipher the secret Templar clues left in the painting. Cam and Amanda may fail—perhaps fatally—because a group of modern-day Nazis remain obsessed with finishing Hitler’s work.

A thriller based on actual artwork, artifacts and events. Illustrated. Not recommended for readers with strong religious beliefs.

This stand-alone novel merges together two series. It is Book #9 in the TEMPLARS IN AMERICA series and also Book #4 in the BOSTON LAW series.

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